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  1. Dan says:




  2. Van says:

    Angry FAIC. >:(

    I have a feeling that the reason Cleo wants to maintain their color assignments has something to do with Power Rangers, and Cleo always has to be the red ranger. ALWAYS.

  3. David says:

    You just made me spend half an hour combing the archives for deviations from the pattern.

    I was going to point out Cleo’s yellow Triforce tee, but I don’t think she’s ever worn it outside.

  4. Britta says:

    They’re like the Powerpuff Girls – their clothes match their eye colors (or glasses color, in Marlene’s case)

  5. Severn says:

    Man this dredged up the memory of a comic I haven’t read since the days when everyone read Websnark–


    Colour-co-ordinated gender-bending (check the pink guy) chivalric space battles and high school drama.

    Also what happened to those days? Or is it just that I myself stopped reading Websnark?

  6. Tony says:

    The best part is, the reds don’t match; Cleo’s red clashes with the others. It’s these little details that make life worth living.

  7. Ellie says:

    What? I make my friends wear the same colours everyday…its like team building ! 😀

  8. sublorange says:

    The Powerpuff theme just went off in my head.

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