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  1. Ellie says:

    *tear* i wish all fights ended like this… D:

  2. A.McCann says:

    He’s sportin’ the Doctor Who style, inn’t he?
    I wish more men were fashion conscious.

  3. Van says:

    Wow. So much passion that they couldn’t even wait to get to a bedroom. Hopefully the musk of old books is strong enough to cover up the stank of sex.

  4. yitz says:

    That is a crime against anatomy right there

    • magnoliapearl says:

      I think what you’re looking at is meant to be the other side of her leg, but I agree it loks awkward. Guess I didn’t notice. :/

  5. Em says:

    So confused…it looks to me in that last frame like Ivy has a third arm. =X

  6. Angelina says:

    oh man oh man I SO called this in my mind.

  7. Gundlefinger says:

    How DARE she insult the pompadour!

  8. Lesley says:

    You would be amazed how much happens in the back stacks of libraries

  9. Emad says:

    -Magnolia see me after class. You CAN do better.

  10. wow, no says:

    a bow tie and a pompadour fashion equal does not

  11. Robert says:

    All they need now is for Cleo to somehow walk in on them and the circle will be complete.

    (Is it bitchy to say that the beads of sweat in the last panel look really weird? They look like they have weird bumps all over. I LOLed at Ivy’s last line, though, so I guess it balances.)

  12. BentKatana says:

    Haha, Ivy made a sex joke. 😀

  13. Felixitous says:

    The look he is rockin’ is called the “Colin Meloy”.

  14. Deborah says:

    I like his pompadour. lol I hate the bow-tie though.

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