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  1. Nou says:

    Haha, Soo-Yung arm-wrestled so hard her nose turned into Figley’s nose.

  2. Krimson says:

    Wow. Soo-Yung is INTENSE.

  3. Myles says:

    Soo-Yung is proving herself to be the most badass character. First, taking care of Cheryl at end of year and now this.

  4. Rogue Protagonist says:

    Cleo looks more SpumCoish than usual in the last panel.

  5. EmarandZeb says:

    I’ve never seen the move Pearl Harbor, but now I am desperately hoping that FDR did in fact triumphantly stand out of his chair in that film. I would totally watch that movie just for that scene.

  6. M says:

    I wish I was as cool as Soo-Yung.

  7. Phasma Felis says:

    Man, now that I think about it, Soo Yung would be a *way* better match for Figley than Marlene.

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