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  1. M says:

    Oh God, Cleo. I don’t think it is possible to shove your foot in your mouth any farther.

  2. Van says:

    Being a black guy myself, I gotta say, the self-loathing, guilt-ridden white person routine is just as annoying as the random-racist-rhetoric-white person.

    It’s cool, Cleo. Most folks realize how awkward you are and just label your slip-ups as a part of your cute quirkiness.

  3. Stephen says:

    I love Bobwhite. Seriously. I love that race is included but doesn’t ever matter in this comic … except when it does.

    Just like in real life 🙂

  4. georgie says:

    How much do I love SooYung? So, so much.

  5. retro kid says:

    Maybe SooYung gets her own strip after she graduates???

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