Two comics are up today. I’m still working on stuff!

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  1. BentKatana says:

    Lol, aw Marlene, we all know you’re a softy. <3

  2. dottianne says:

    Are you going to do another comic when Bobwhite finishes? This is one of my favourite webcomics…

    • Jim says:

      Yeah. I’ve been thinking about this as well. I’ve been reading this comic for Four Years (or whenever Kris Straub linked it from Starslip) I’m not sure I’m ready for it too end. It is literally my favorite web comic.

      • Myles says:

        I’ll also be bummed when it’s over, but it’s kinda nice to have comics that I can point friends to and say, “here is an awesome comic you can read from start to finish and have a complete story at the end.”

      • Jim says:

        I just realized, by going back through the archive, that the comic actually started with the Girls in their second year at college. Clearly Year 4 of the comic must be am extended flashback to Year 1!


  3. Esco says:

    Why are you all so certain it’s ending soon? Maybe life will go on with the girls after graduation! Maybe they won’t! Wait and see!

  4. DOG says:

    didn’t the alt text from when marlene had that different awful roommate say that marlene hated ivy at first? or something? maybe it’s my late night reading?

  5. BiblioMatsuri says:


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