Color version will be up shortly. There’s also things in the linework that still need work, but I wanted to put SOMETHING up. I’ve been trying to keep busy this week and am still getting on top of things.

Also, I’ve finally fixed up my Paypal so that if you make a donation, I’ll actually get it. Just a thought~

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  1. retro kid says:

    yeah, she figured it out! hit ’em where it hurts!

  2. gernobyl says:

    The bearded lady idea was awesome. These ARE really dumb freshmen not to understand that.

    I adore Ivy’s body language. First panel here http://www.bobwhitecomics.com/?webcomic_post=20110112 she’s actually speaking with those knees!

  3. M says:

    Ivy dressing as Frank is kind of adorable.

  4. Whee says:

    Second row, third panel: Is that Ivy’s nostril or is that a mole?

  5. Vance says:

    I love Ivy in the 2nd pannel

  6. Robert says:


    When I said she was gonna grow a beard I didn’t think I’d be right. =o

  7. Sophie says:

    All right, now I HAVE to comment… I LOVE this! The fear of art students everywhere…

    • Jamal K. says:

      Oh no no no noooo……

      This is practically the fear of ANYONE who produces a piece of work.

      Imagine how writers feel O_O

  8. Twigs says:


    I wish my teacher in high school had been like this. I was pretty much one of three people in the class who actually gave a crap, and everyone got pretty much the same marks. I may have actually gotten lower marks than the slackers, because we were tested on art history and I can’t remember dates for shite.

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