I try not to be too self-deprecating here in the blog because I know that’s a turn-off but I feel like I was sort of off my game drawing this one. Gotta get my game back!!!

Anyway here’s my hourly comics in case you missed them:

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  1. Lillian says:

    Marlene. She’s the best.

  2. River says:

    From my little film experience, this is accurate and funny.

  3. GBeans says:

    Belated happy birthday!
    I’m a crap well-wisher, I don’t have a gift or anything. ..But I’ve been following your comic for what feels like ages and ages, and I want to say thank you for it! The characters are really fun, and it feels almost voyeuristic watching them grow..

    (also if it helps, I didn’t think this page was bad at all. The last two panels, especially Marlene in panel 3 are great..)

  4. Daniel S says:

    If you say so, but nothing feels off to me.

    I like the drawing of Marlene in the last panel. Super cute.

  5. Emily says:

    Something tells me Marlene was a Hall Monitor in middle school.

  6. Angelina says:

    Really?! I thought Marlene looked SUPER good in these!

  7. Kevina says:

    The other two characters aren’t super, but Marlene is SO GREAT here.

  8. Edison T. Allere says:

    So I only just realized that, but Miz Film Lady kinda looks like she’s staring at Marlene’s boobs in the last panel. Which I wouldn’t blame her for, they are pretty spectacular.

  9. Deborah says:

    lol emotional actor

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