Here’s the last of this amazing guest week. I want to thank all of my guest artists for the amazing work they’ve done. This one is by Amanda Lafrenais who does the gorgeous comic Love Me Nice. Not only is she one of my favorite artists, she is also a good friend and a super cool person. I love her bold, gorgeous style so much and I’m going nuts over the colors and expressions in this. Thanks so much, Amanda!!

Also my good friend Kris is relaunching his fantastic webcomic F Chords today, you should go check it out! It had a similar vibe to Bobwhite during its brief initial run. You might remember that he did a strip for me featuring the F Chords characters back in my very first guest week ever!

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  1. Loren says:

    This guest comic is amazing.
    I especially love the last line because I really enjoy it when people fill a sentence so entirely with slang that it would probably be completely incomprehensible to someone reading it 60 years from now.

  2. Lee says:

    Wow, I love this art style. You’ve had some amazing guest comics.

  3. I wondered what Amanda was doing.

  4. DOG says:

    such a cute style!! that comic is so cute ;-;

    ….also, that game would be amazing

  5. Mu says:

    I would play that game too.

    Reminds of when I started playing Mine Craft before I finished Super Scribblenauts and kept imagining solutions for a hybrid of the two.

    Would you have to mine materials to build your Sim Craft family? that would be weird for me.

  6. Rachie says:

    This comic makes me want to play minecraft so much!

  7. osbola says:

    …did you say The Sims plus Minecraft? Check out Dungeon Keeper at GOG, it’s this old skool (and evil) RTS where you make yourself an (evil) home by mining. For evil.

    (it’s here)

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