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  1. Toom says:

    Oh, memories. I remember I wrote my third year dissertation in four days flat by pretty much cutting out sleep altogether. Doctor says I’ll be fit to rejoin society by the end of the year! (I graduated in 2006.)

  2. Apogee says:

    I like Cleo in the last panel. : )
    Yep, I will probably be this exactly in college. A fortnight ago, I finished almost half of my art portfolio and turned it in with two minutes to spare. Fun times.

  3. Miles says:

    I graduated a few years ago and honestly that does sound fun. A job is no fun 😐

  4. Angelina says:

    glad cleo’s turnin’ it around.

  5. Twigs says:

    God I hate school. You get thrown in at age 5 and you’re stuck for about 20 years. No one warned me.

  6. Jo says:

    Fun is being the organised person who can laugh at these jerks. I did a lot of that in my undergrad.

    Not fun is being in my current position with my post-grad. So. Woo.

  7. BiblioMatsuri says:

    Ms. Porter, you never have to go through finals again? That’s so great!

    Now I hate you a little.

  8. Deborah says:

    Senior year I stayed up most of the night bullshi**ing a 15-supposed-to-be-30 page paper about John Donne, and the teacher still gave me a C! I was so relieved.

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