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  1. Charles says:

    Hilarious page. So much good humor and drama here. “I’m….NETWORKING” Lol. And also: panel 8 has TRUE advice. To succeed you need to really be careful about when you’re thinking about right now (while you’re doing something) and when you think about the next 5 years (while you’re not doing something).

  2. Nonsensicles says:

    I am gonna miss Ivy once Bobwhite finishes. She’s always been my favourite. Hell, she’s probably my second favourite character in webcomics (because Kat from Gunnerkrigg Court is just the best).

    I’m so proud of Ivy, becoming someone who wants to figure out how to become sort of like an adult maybe someday eventually. She truly has grown so much.

    • GBeans says:

      I feel similarly. I’ll miss her most.
      Ivy is a lot like me, especially what we’ve seen of her work ethic.. except she actually gets places. I just shy away form the hard decisions.

  3. Krimson says:

    WHOA. Is this the first time we’ve seen Frank without his hat? All dressed up, Frankieboy looks DASHING.

  4. P says:

    Haha, Frank looks good in real clothes. 🙂 Haven’t we only seen him in a beanie and wife beater?

  5. Pamislav says:

    I wish bobwhite didn’t end! :9 I want to know what they are going to after graduation! I just love Ivy, I can relate to her. And Frank’s the best 😀

  6. Esco says:

    I love that the point of Frank is that he’s frank

  7. Twigs says:

    I want to be Ivy when I grow up.

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